Archaeologists have discovered three ancient tombs in Mongolia with interior wall paintings dating back to 1,000 years, authorities said on Thursday.

The colourful paintings were found in tombs in Jungar Banner in Ordos and were well preserved, featuring deer, mythical beasts, flowers and plants, Xinhua news agency quoted Yang Zemeng, head of the Cultural Relics and Archaeology Institute of Ordos, as saying.

Painted red, white and reddish brown, the paintings show mysterious images in a plain style, Yang said, adding that paintings are rarely found in tombs from the same period in other places.

Judging from the structure and patterns of the tombs, archaeologists have concluded that the paintings date back to the early and middle period of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 A.D).

The findings will serve as research material on the local history, culture, art and funeral customs of the Song Dynasty, Yang added.