Facebook Inc. is reportedly working on a streaming device, like Amazons Fire Stick which would plug into a TV to offer access to online content. The new streaming hardware will be part of the company’s Portal family of devices, featuring a camera, combining video chatting with TV viewing and Augmented Reality (AR), variety.com reported on Friday.

The company has recently approached Netflix, Disney, and HBO about adding its content to its hardware. Facebook is also set to launch an updated version of its video chat device ‘Portal’ later part of the year.

Andrew Bosworth, Vice President of Facebook’s AR and Virtual Reality (VR) has also confirmed that the company has a lot more to unveil “later this fall” related to Portal.

Portal was launched in November 2018. While the smaller device was priced at $199, the larger “Portal Plus” was made available for $349 with a 10-inch display and 15-inch display, respectively. The smart camera-enabled device is also powered by Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa and comes with front cameras.

(With input from agencies)