A recent study suggests that Facebook business has more negative posts than the positive ones by a ratio of nearly two to one.

“There are more than 60 million business pages on Facebook and that number is from 2017 and with those pages come scores of positive and negative posts generated by Facebook users. We have also found positive and negative posts get more likes than neutral ones, but negative posts get the most comments.” said study researcher Mochen Yang, Professor at the University of Minnesota.

The study looked at data from 12,000 posts from 41 Fortune 500 companies in six industries in 2012. It was published in the journal Information Systems Research, analyzed user-generated content to understand the impact of what users post and how it impacts the brand. Engagements depend not only on the type of post but also in the specific ways the post is positive or negative.

“Although increased engagement has been linked to increases in brand loyalty, purchase expenditures, and profitability, companies should carefully consider whether Facebook business pages are an appropriate venue to interact with customers,” Yang added.

(With input from agencies)