Apple Maps will now show COVID-19 testing sites in all across fifty states of the US along with Puerto Rico, reports TechCrunch.

User van search using terms like “COVID-19 test” or “coronavirus test,” places that offer COVID-19 tests will be marked on your map.

The testing locations will appear with a red medical glyph icon and a special banner in the Apple Maps card.

If the user starts typing COVID-19 into the search bar, you’ll also see the “COVID-19 Testing” search term appears at the top of your search bar, like what you’d see if you started typing something like “gyms” or “restaurants.”

Apple Maps will be able to show information like the place name, the associated healthcare provider, contact phone number and website. It will also surface information about the type of testing location, hospital, and the nature of the site, reports 9To5Mac.

The new testing sites in Apple Maps follow the company launching a web portal to let healthcare providers submit their information to be shown on Apple Maps.

Apple also updated its new Mobility Trends website, which provides free access to data about how people are getting around their cities and regions during the COVID-19 crisis.