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  • Voyage through Indian handicraft

    Voyage through Indian handicraft

    Handicraft remains the hallmark of every civilization, whether ancient or contemporary. India, with its rich heritage of handicraft, has seen this art form evolve over the years. Kanika Tripathi traces the history of Indian handicraft while looking at the contemporary landscape that takes the evolution journey further.

    November 1, 2018
  • Piety and Heresy

    Piety and Heresy

    A palpably singular interpretation of history has been encapsulated by some scholars in the averment that mankind has progressed through heresy, not piety. Actually, the import of this perception lies in the ubiquitous process of dialectical movement propelled by the forces of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Now, let us have a look at etymology. Heresy …

    September 10, 2018