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Tag: Tagore House

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  • Kolkata’s oldies need a hand

    Kolkata’s oldies need a hand

    It is reported that a few more heritage buildings of significant architectural design in Kolkata may be demolished in the near future to give way to high-rise office buildings or shopping malls which are in demand. Promoters and developers have set their eyes on the remaining prominent heritage buildings in Kolkata since they are at …

    May 10, 2018
  • Dreams reignited

    Dreams reignited

    The guy assaulted me every time we bumped into each other. At our colony club, at the plaza, at the tennis court or at Tagore House. He assaulted me in his official chamber too, the nameplate on the swing door of which read P Shome, Branch Manager. A person with an athletic build, tall and …

    May 6, 2018