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  • A path to sainthood

    A path to sainthood

    Mother Teresa was perhaps the only one whose works of mercy and compassion got people to acknowledge her as a saint during her lifetime. There was never a question about whether Mother Teresa would become a saint. Within two decades of her death, the fact has become a reality. On 4 September, a day before …

    August 31, 2016
  • The journey of Mother Teresa

    The journey of Mother Teresa

    Known to many generations of Indians as a diminutive but determined woman in a blue-bordered white sari who cared for the poor and destitute, Mother Teresa, who is due to become the Roman Catholic Church’s latest saint, also holds pride of place among the emissaries of compassion and service who have flourished and spread out …

    August 31, 2016
  • Remembering Mother Teresa on her 106th birth anniversary

    Remembering Mother Teresa on her 106th birth anniversary

    The 106th birth anniversary of Mother Teresa, founder of ‘Missionaries of Charity’, is being celebrated on Friday.  Mother Teresa, who spent all her life in the service of others, will be canonised on September 4 in Rome by the Pope. The decision to canonize her sainthood was declared in 2015 after Pope Francis recognised a second miracle.  To mark her …

    August 26, 2016