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  • Latest victim of power politics?

    Latest victim of power politics?

    Just as news started to come out that the Syrian Arab Army was on the verge of liberating the city of Abu Kamal, destroying the last Islamic State stronghold in Syria and rekindling hope that the region may yet see some semblance of stability, another piece of news from the Middle East had started to …

    November 16, 2017
  • Lebanese muddle

    Lebanese muddle

    The ancient civilization around the Levant predates recorded history. It was the land of Canaanites/Phoenicians, the Roman Empire, Biblical discourse, Christian crusades, Islamic conquests and other intrigues and restive mutations emanating from the crossroads of Abrahamic religions. The Ottoman Empire ruled for over 400 years, till the French established their own mandate over the land …

    November 16, 2017