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  • Arms and the Murk

    Arms and the Murk

    Dassault operates in a ‘buyer's market‘. The option of the seller is comparatively limited and restricted, as it has to constantly feed and pay heed to the need of its foreign buyers. Customer satisfaction reigns supreme. The seller has to keep foreign clients in good humour, listening and attending to their smallest fads. The most spectacular of all deals is Rafale CEO's ability and steadfastness to stick to the claim ~ ‘I do not tell lies‘ ~ in a turbulent market like that of combat aviation. This is indeed commendable.

    December 22, 2018
  • Tejas trivialised

    Tejas trivialised

    Such is the political phobia which plagues the nation ~ issues of national security included ~ that all attention was focused on the Chief of the Air Staff “batting” for the Rafale combat aircraft at a seminar in the Capital that only marginal attention was paid to a possibly more pregnant observation of Air Chief …

    September 14, 2018
  • Curious ‘defence’

    Curious ‘defence’

    It is a debilitating reality that every major defence purchase over the past three decades has been clouded by politically-induced allegations of underhand dealings ~ even though few of the alleged culprits have actually been nailed. One exemplary facet of the functioning of the armed forces had been ~ until now, anyway ~ that military …

    September 10, 2018