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Tag: North Korea Nuclear tests

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  • Biting sanctions

    Biting sanctions

    At least one of the sanctions ~ a ban on textile exports ~ imposed on North Korea, which has accelerated its nuclear weapons development under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un is likely to hit the “hermit kingdom” severely. Kim, a third-generation dictator, has conducted four of North Korea’s six nuclear tests since assuming power in …

    September 23, 2017
  • Japan’s pacifism under threat

    Japan’s pacifism under threat

    North Korea’s most recent weapons test, in which a was fired over Japan, marks the latest stage of an escalating crisis in East Asia. But the crisis is, to an extent, where it has always been: the regime of Kim Jong-un is pursuing the capacity to launch miniaturised nuclear weapons attached to intercontinental missiles with …

    August 31, 2017