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Tag: Lodha Tribe

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  • Subaltern crime~II

    Subaltern crime~II

    An anthropologist of Calcutta University, Probodh Kumar Bhowmick, studied the condition of the Lodhas and also carried out anthropological research for nearly four decades beginning from the late 1950s. Unlike Kapadia, the anthropological accounts of Bhowmick were influenced by the British perception. The only difference between the colonial coinage of the term, criminality and the …

    October 31, 2017
  • Subaltern crime~I

    Subaltern crime~I

    Crime has been almost integral to history. The Lodha tribe, for instance, had hit the headlines when Chuni Kotal, the first woman graduate from this unfortunate community committed suicide because of social discrimination. A few Lodhas died of starvation in Amlasol village and a young Lodha, Budhan, died in police custody after alleged torture. Who …

    October 30, 2017