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  • Karam begins with traditional pomp

    Karam begins with traditional pomp

    The tribal calendar is dotted with umpteen rituals that are performed to ensure peace and prosperity of the tribes. The ‘Karam’ or the festival of cultivation is one such ritual celebrated from the last week of August to 15 September. “While Sarhul is a festival that beings with hunting and ends with the hope of …

    September 7, 2016
  • Raj Relics

    Raj Relics

    Criminal defamation and sedition laws are relics of the colonial era and have no place in free India. The reasonable restrictions to freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the Constitution are spelt out clearly in Article 19 (2). Criminal defamation and sedition are not among them. Un-noticed by the founding fathers of the Constitution, …

    August 27, 2016