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  • ‘Substantial rise in CSR spending compared to 2015’

    ‘Substantial rise in CSR spending compared to 2015’

    There has been substantial increase in actual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) spending comparatively to previous year even as education, skill development and health-care areas have received the highest CSR funds, as per a recent report. The report ‘India CSR Outlook Report (ICOR)’ will be launched in the inaugural session of India CSR Summit and CSR …

    September 25, 2016
  • Vibrant craft

    Vibrant craft

    The piercing sun was soon forgotten as one’s eyes feasted on the stalls displaying a variety of art and crafts — ethnic clothes, bedspreads, cushion covers, bags, footwear, accessories and even pots and pans. Sourced from the desert states of Rajasthan and parts of Gujarat for the just concluded Dastkar Desert Crafts bazar, the goods …

    September 14, 2016