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  • Towards a police state

    Towards a police state

    It is marching ahead in slow steps, relentlessly but surely. The world’s largest democracy is being nibbled at from inside and is getting corroded. A cruel irony, as it is supposed to function within the four corners of the democratic world’s finest written Constitution. The rule of law is largely benefiting the high and mighty, …

    January 24, 2018
  • Outlander’s intrusion~II

    Outlander’s intrusion~II

    The second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC II) reinforced the logic of increasing professionalization of the Civil Service. It suggested the specialization can be achieved through providing channels of (a) lateral entry; (b) liberal revolving-door policy; and (c) creation of a Senior Executive Service (SES) to which positions can be filled by applying the criterion of …

    September 25, 2017