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  • Styles gets more security than Hardy, Murphy

    Styles gets more security than Hardy, Murphy

    One Direction star Harry Styles has reportedly been given six personal bodyguards and is watched round-the-clock while promoting his acting debut film "Dunkirk". According to sources, owners of the Warner Bros Pictures are determined to shield Styles from unwanted attention, so have insisted he attend the premieres with six personal bodyguards — five more than …

    July 24, 2017
  • One for the strays

    One for the strays

    Though there is a happy trend of adopting street dogs, the other sad reality is that many people tend to look down their nose upon them. Ask anyone who has adopted a street dog and they would vouch for their pets’ unfailing, unconditional love. Moreover, these dogs are much more hardy and adapted to the …

    September 5, 2016