end of world war ii

IMF has changed, but has Sri Lanka?

Keynesian policies, which did not discourage welfarism and government intervention in economic policies, initially benefited many developing countries and also the poor in rich countries. From the end of World War II to about the early 1970s, these policies were not harmful to the global poor. In the 70s, Margaret Thatcher came to power in Britain and Ronald Reagan in the US.

Second Cold War

The purpose of formation of Nato immediately after World War II was to provide collective security against the Soviet Union. Was there any need for this military alliance to continue even after the disintegration of the Soviet Union and collapse of the Warsaw Pact alliance? If the spirit of cooperation that was seen during the negotiations for reunification of Germany had prevailed, successive US administrations would not have been so keen on Nato's enlargement immediately after the disintegration of USSR.