Buckingham palace

As Britain readies for a coronation

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the coronation was a "unique moment" for the country. As the first coronation ceremony in 70 years, it's a critical moment in modern British history. While most other world monarchies have discontinued this pompous event, Britain still continues.

End of road?

The result of an authoritative poll that says less than three of 10 Britons think the monarchy is very important, and which reports that as many as 45 per cent would like to see the institution abolished, could not possibly be good news for King Charles III as he prepares for his coronation

Can the Royals manage their brand?

In addition, Edward was known to have Nazi and fascist sympathies. This case is illustrative of the extreme lengths that can be taken to save the reputation of the monarchy – Edward and Wallis spent the rest of their lives in exile and had little contact with other royals. Indeed, to this day, the Queen no longer confers the title Duke of Windsor to avoid any ongoing negative associations with the scandal.

Britain must shed its elitist past

Many a story has come to light of individuals being obliged to maintain a distance from a dying parent around the same time that Johnson’s staff were busy socialising. Particularly cringeworthy, perhaps, was No.10’s abject apology to Buckingham Palace for a well-attended farewell do last April on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral — where Queen Elizabeth notably sat alone in a pew. (Mind you, the farewell wasn’t for Philip.)