In a world of persistent tensions, expressions of love and beauty on canvas can well be a form of escape. At least that is what Bratati Mukherjee believes as she offers a new collection of her paintings at the Academy of Fine Arts. For someone who strayed into the world of art with the inspiration of Dhiraj Choudhury, this approach has produced some delicate images that move away from the world of reality and explore thoughts and feelings of viewers. The impressive turnout on the inaugural day of the show (till 29 September) confirmed that there are experiences below the surface that make the encounters with the images more meaningful. Bratati&’s collection includes small sculptures in bronze that make simple statements – a philosopher lost in thought or a man sitting cross-legged while reading what could be an ancient text. These have a human appeal which is in striking contrast with the larger works of Binit Kumar Sinha which are part of the joint endeavor. At a time when the commercial galleries have given themselves a long holiday, it was pleasing to discover two painters still capable of drawing art lovers with their social statements.