Bhangamati Sahajiya Baul Sampraday in Santiniketan, is not just ‘Imagine Dragons’ or ‘The Beatles’ but like the whiff of the red soil from some distant village in Bengal.  Let&’s check out what they have to say. Here’s an excerpt from the interview.

Why did you choose singing?

You know the zeal comes from within. The mind, place and Tagore provoke us to sing. His songs are what we live for and nurture music for.

Who was your first music teacher?

We have been into music since childhood. We received our first music lesson when we were toddlers. Our teacher was Guru Gourbaba.

Was anybody else in your family involved in music too?

We have students to whom we teach ‘Baulango Sangeet’. They are more than family to us.

What do you think about modern day songs like rock, pop, electronica etc?

We don’t practice them. We only sing Tagore’s folk songs or else ‘Baulango Sangeet’. There is a kind of sweetness in these songs.

Is music your occupation or hobby?

It’s more like an addiction now. Without music we cannot think of life. We need music everyday to live. Music was never an occupation and those who make money out of it, they don’t love music.

Baul songs are becoming extinct day by day. What do you feel about it?

We are still going on with it. We have interest, we have enthusiasm. Music has become like our Mother.

When you see everyone applauding your music how do you feel?

Happy. That is what we live for- seeing people loving and living our music. Baul songs need to be felt not just listened to. When people listen to our music and feel the beat we feel ecstatic. It feels like all our aspirations have been fulfilled.

Coordinator, Class X, Gokhale Memorial Girls’ School.