“Harley Davidson is not just a bike for me, it is all about style”- A rider said this at the Newtown, Rajarhat Showroom. Indeed the Harley is all about style. Sitting on a Harley Davidson for a test ride one can just imagine himself as one of those big, fat  men with beard, piercings, a shaven head and lot of tattoos over his body riding on the hilly roads.
One could ride it for days, and the thundering sound and firing exhaust cylinders of the Harley make people fall in love with it. Fantasies are never ending for a Harley Davidson rider.
It makes one to feel big and tough, yet one cannot help but fantasise like a child sitting on it. Maybe that is why Harley riders say, “it is not a motorcycle it is a Harley Davidson”.
Manufactured since the twentieth-century, it survived the great depression in 1930 and faced tough competition from Japanese 100cc motorcycles, and yet it is unmoved and unshaken.
This epic company is still standing strong like it always did, only by providing shear high quality product and technically superior machines. That is definitely the reason behind people calling the Harley Davidson the ‘Big Daddy’ of all motorcycles and a ‘master class’ bike.
It the most superior and the hardest motorcycle to beat ever and  used by the USA police and by the US army since the time of  World War I and the World War II and even today.
It is super tough, reliable and is really a master piece of art and design.
William S. Harley was a genius mechanic and so were the Arthur Brothers with out whom the completion of this piece of art would not have been possible.
Harley Davidson being an international company, many tests are conducted to find the weakness of Harley Davidson models, but each time only minor disputes were found and corrected before manufacture.
This bike is the symbol of a fearless and tough biker who is loud and outspoken and never backs off from a challenge.
So it has been made keeping these things in mind, the bold, hunk, loud, and the bossy looks, spear headed by catchy names like Street Bob, Iron 883, Road king, Diana-wide makes it more attractive and bikers fly to it like swarms of bees.
It is very popular among bikers in the Western countries and all over the world, so much so that on weekends the dignified intellectual people wear false tattoos and beard and go on rallies with their Harleys.
It was in 1998 that the first Harley Davidson Factory was set up in Brazil and now it is getting more popular in India as well.
The growing recognition is a testament in itself of the superior quality and design of the motorcycles. India is also falling in love with it as much as the rest of the world and Kolkata is no behind in Harley Davidson riders.
Knuckle head, shovel head and all types of Harley Davidson is popular in Kolkata too. Though many critics brand it as a motorcycle with low fuel efficiency, because it burns a lot of fuel, and some of them also complain about its high cost.
Whatsoever the cause of complain may be, no person can deny that Harley Davidson are the best motorcycles a biker can get.
The Knuckle Head is one of the top 10 bikes ever made and Harley Davidson bikes are the first of it’s time to get a sound trade mark.
Riders can shut their eyes and recognise a Harley Davidson by just listening to its sound, and Harley motorcycles are masters of long distance travelling, even the critics agree to this.
The single pin crank shaft, the Hulk like powerful V twin engines, firing cylinders, the macho looks, the roaring sound and the Big Daddy appeal makes it so popular among riders.
By Rikth d’cruze
Coordinator, ex-St Mary’s Dum Dum