The point of theatre is transformation: to make an extraordinary event out of ordinary material right in front of an audience’s eyes. Where the germ of the idea came from is pretty much irrelevant. What matters to every theatre maker I know is speaking clearly to the audience ‘right now.’ Lee Hall. The contention of Hall is being tried and tested at a 64-days long theatre festival which has begun at the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre from 31 July. In 355 shows which will be staged over the next two months 10,000 to 15,000 actors will be performing before a nearly two lakh audience whose footfall will mark the EZCC auditorium during this period. The gap of the years will be set aside as senior artists will interact with young ones. Works of 30 legendary maestros will be staged. Later the audience will have the opportunity to interact with the men and women whose works have made the audience stand up and cheer them. An exhibition on “The Journey of Kolkata Theatre”, poster campaign, theatre haat including traditional crafts masks and ornaments are being organised. Workshop on body movement, acting , light design, make-up and costume will be a part of the festival. Apart from shows on the stage, practitioners of bahurupia, bazigars as well as puppeteers will display their craft at different venues in and around Kolkata.