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The apt inventory

Riddhiman Bhattacharyya |

Everybody is busy filling up their ‘portfolio’, so I take a look at my life’s file and find it’s empty. I have no prizes or awards. Is there any assessment of my life? I am surrounded by several questions. There is no answer. I have no desire to win any competition. 

But when its dawn, I feel enchanted to see the first rays of sunlight dancing on the green trees from the balcony of my study. When everyone is busy studying till midnight hoping to score 90% marks in the forthcoming exams, I am busy wondering at the night sky glittering with thousands of stars. In the afternoon my friends are running helter-skelter for tuitions, but I run off to the banks of the river Ganga where I find eternal peace. 

Will not the blue sky, dancing waves, the caressing breeze be enough to fill my portfolio? 

When everyone is engaged with singing competitions and drawing contests, I use my brush to give colours to the little boat sailing on the river of my canvas , humming Tagore’s song with joy. 

Modern life has turned miserable with the countless competitive events in every field, be it education, sports, arts or any other. I have no inclination to fill my life with these. Why not leave them as they are?  Is it possible for everyone to arrange their life? Must it be blindly fixed to a monotonous competitive routine? Like the river which moves on its own will, why can we not let our life flow on its own?

 I let my mind run as fast as the wind and keep my eyes on the clear blue sky above and tell myself to be as broad as the sky. I neither want to measure my life nor do I wish to cage it. I do not want my life to stand on the stage of competition. I want my life to be like a free bird flying high in the sky. I want to see my life like a newly blossomed flower at dawn.

I want to sit quietly and admire the secret beauties of Mother Earth. 

But look at how intelligent is man! He wants to measure everything in his life. He even goes to the extent of locking his life into a ‘file’ of achievements! He preaches ‘friendship’ but does just the opposite by creating rivalry between friends. As a result, they turn rivals, and fight each other. Otherwise how can they win medals? 

How will they get their certificates? How will be their life’s ‘portfolio’ fill up?  And this rat race is leading to mentally illnesses. More and more people visit a psychiatrist and increasing number of diseases like depression, anxiety, phobic disorders are diagnosed. 

Instead, just look at the "fakir" (minstrel) beneath that tree. He is happy, breathing freely in the open sky. He smiles seeing the greenery all around. Nature brings happiness to him. I too want to be like him. But there is nothing I can do. If I am unable to fill my ‘achievements portfolio’, the world will not give it any value. Neither will I find my place in society, nor will they let me be in case I become like the one you laugh at. 

In this huge planet I would like to create my own world where I will not keep any record of my achievements. There will be no graph of my life’s ups and downs.

I will not to be bulled to be part of the competitions on the stage. I will not imprison my life in the portfolio. I will keep my life like the sky at dawn and unveil my life like the open fields of grass that touch the horizon forever. 

Class  IX, South Point High School