Sporting a cap to conceal a balding pate but replete with cinematic ideas, writer director Nirmallya Chakraborty, has just completed his latest film, Nosto Purush (The Spoilt Man), which is slated for commercial release sometime in November. The screenplay is by Chakraborty and the film is based on the true story of a man who arrives in the city looking for a job from a small town in the suburbs of West Bengal. Like most young men, he endeavours to carve out a promising career for himself. But impediments cross his path, which vitiate his future prospects as he struggles to survive against all odds. Whether he is a success or failure in life forms the crux of the story.

The cast comprises Soumitro Chatterjee, Dipankar De, Biswajit Chakraborty, Moumita Gupta, Debraj Roy and Vicky Deb. Produced by Ayushi Entertainment, Nosto Purush boasts four songs among which one is a Nazrulgeeti rendered in the voice of Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta while the others have been sung by Janiva Roy and Sujoy Bhowmick among others. A self-composed poem from the director describing the theme has been recited by Chatterjee in the course of the film. Chakraborty says, “When I took multiple shots of Chatterjee during the shooting, I had to explain to him in detail the reason for doing the same. He is still extremely disciplined even after working for so many years. I learnt a lot from him and his ability to get into the skin of a character is unparalleled.”

At present, Chakraborty is working on two films, Half Girl Friend in Hindi, shooting for which begins in December and Golpo noi Satti in Bengali that goes on the floors in the last week of this month. The actors in the Hindi film are Asmit Patel, Sarah Khan and Ravi Kishan apart from other renowned actors from Bengali cinema. The stories for both films have been penned by the Chakraborty. While, Half Girl Friend has two stories in one film, Golpo Noi Satti is apparently inspired by the controversial character of Dhananjoy Chatterjee who was hanged for the rape and murder of Hetal Parekh. Much of Chakraborty&’s research on the subject is based on newspaper reports and press clippings. The casting of Golpo Noi Satti ropes in two newcomers in the lead roles namely, Sreedip Adhikari as Dhananjoy and Ria Roy. Costumes in the film have been designed by fashion designer Sampa Chakrabroty.

Chakraborty has Bengali feature films released till date, Rang Berang and Unish Kurir Golpo. Two other films that are yet to be released are Chenna Premer Golpo and of course, Nosto Purush. All his films for television like Jeebon Jerokom, Pather Bake and Nirjan Kolkata were all telecast on Doordarshan and enjoyed a favourable response from viewers. But, Chakraborty was a businessman associated with Bajaj Auto Agency before he entered Bengali filmdom. He says, “In my student days, I was a great admirer of Ritwick Ghatak and have seen practically all his films. I like the way he subtly integrated Rabindra sangeet to complement his films. After watching his films, I always nurtured a passion for celluloid and somehow got sucked into the intricacies of film-making. For this, I am really indebted to script writer Kajal Majumdar from whom I learnt the ropes of filmmaking.”

Chakraborty feels that the Bengali film industry is in the doldrums today with many out-of work directors. Taking stock of the situation he says, “To step out of such dismal conditions, West Bengal has to create good stories with not just popular stars in them but also lesser known faces who might be as skilled. But, a film should ensure the recovery of the producer&’s investment.” A relevant issue, no doubt, that needs to be implemented to make things look up for the local film industry in the near future and stir the fraternity out of its present lackadaisical mindset.