It’s not without reason that one is told to keep some cushion time while travelling. This helps cover any unforseen hurdles like traffic jams, road-blocks or traffic diversion.

A colleague on an assignment to Kuala Lumpur realised the value of this advice when his group nearly missed the flight back home. Organisers of the event had asked our colleague and fellow scribes to assemble in the hotel lobby well in time but a cameraman from a well-known news channel was missing.

After waiting for as long as they could, the group left a message at the reception and left for the airport. All the way the group kept feeling guilty leaving the cameraman behind and hoped he would make it on time to catch the flight.

As luck would have it, the group reached the wrong terminal and had to take an airport Metro to reach the other one. A long wait for the Metro ensued, during which their guilt quickly turned to curses for the cameraman, who had delayed them. Just then, the organiser got a message from the erring man, who had reached the designated terminal and was frantically looking for the group! The scribes couldn’t helping laughing at the way the tables were turned on them.