Delhi boasts of a number of subways, which are meant to make life easier for pedestrians, so that they can cross busy roads without any hassle. The subways are certainly built to discourage people from darting across the roads, which are anyway always teeming with vehicles. But then, it’s a common sight people avoid subways or foot-overbridges, instead choosing to cross, dodging the speeding vehicles. 

They do it just to save some time and effort: they have to climb down and up some stairs. However, they seem to ignore that by crossing a road in this manner they risk their lives and also put others to great inconvenience. But then, there is another side to the story too. A colleague visiting Connaught Place, had a harrowing time crossing the road, choc-a-bloc with vehicles that refuse to relent or give way. Following a late evening meeting, it was 8.20 p m when he made his towards the Metro station. He had to cross the outer circle at Regal building and so headed for the subway nearby.

But to his surprise he found it locked and totally dark. He wondered why, when there was so much traffic at that hour, the authorities chose to lock the subways so early. Our colleagues’ friend, who works in Connaught Place and was accompanying him, informed him that the subways were shut when it gets dark because of security reasons. When night falls, these subways become abodes of drug addicts, muggers and many other anti-social elements. It is well-known that a large amount of money was spent to "beautify" the Capital, including building subways. 

Yet, it seems, they need some more investment. Several subways are in bad shape due to lack of maintenance. Many are poorly lit and have no security guard. All this only encourages people to cross the roads instead of using subways.