A simple pair of glasses can change lives! Sangaj, is an 8 years old boy from a small village in the Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Enthused Sangaj going to school with his friends was a story of the past. He was slowly losing interest in studies and eventually became reluctant to attend school. Sangaj’s parents had not completed their schooling but dreamt of their son studying and doing well in life. His reluctance to attend school made them extremely disappointed.

Omraj, one of the field workers of C L Gupta Eye Hospital – an Orbis partner hospital during his community visit identified Sangaj to be having problem with his vision. On his advice, Sangaj’s father brought him to the hospital’s vision center at Chajlet for an eye checkup. After primary clinical examination Sangaj was diagnosed with high myopia in both the eyes. Ajab Singh, the Vision Technician referred him to the base hospital for further ocular investigations as he felt the need for further examination by an opthalmologist.

Fortunately, all his ocular parameters were within normal limits and all he needed was a pair of thick glasses.

For millions of children like Sangaj a simple pair of spectacles can change their lives! But the majority isn’t as fortunate as Sangaj to be identified and treated on time. Hence, refractive error remains the main cause of moderate and severe visual impairment among millions of people across the globe.