Book: Saffron Swords

Writer: Manashi Sinha Rawal

Publisher: Garuda Prakashan Pvt. Ltd

Price: Rs 499, paperback Rs 259

Sometimes, history books are not sufficient to provide apt knowledge about a subject. For instance, how much do we know about the valourous saga of our ancestors? A new book, Saffron Sword, written by Manoshi Sinha Rawal, promises to take the reader to a whole new dimension of history, where one can find a number of brave and unsung heroes and heroines of India, who did not find a place in history textbooks.

Saffron Swords contains instances where it was not only men, who were Bravehearts, but the undying spirits of women, who saved the country from great massacres.

The message in the book is that the citizens of this land were wrongly projected as “losers and defeated”. Despite hundreds of years of foreign rule, we have retained our thousands of years-old civilisational identity because our warrior ancestors offered resistance, won battles and fought till their last breath to save our civilisation.

We should celebrate the glory of our warrior ancestors, take pride and be inspired by their saga of valour. However, since few get to read or know about the brave exploits of their own ancestors, there is a lack of inspiration from the exploits of warriors from the past. The real history thus remains hidden.

This is what inspired the author to write this book. “Tales of invasion, plunder and loot of India by foreign aggressors have been turned into a saga of the defeat of the local warriors of the soil. The truth of the huge resistance offered and victories won by the Indian warriors, both men and women, defending the land of Bharat has not been told.” the author told The Statesman.

“I wrote Saffron Swords to put together the unknown stories of the valiant resistance offered and battles won by thousands of our warrior ancestors from east to west, north to south from the 8th century till Independence. Every inch of the motherland was fought for and protected. This is the first book in the series. There will be 20 plus volumes of Saffron Swords that will glorify all the unknown warriors from the last 1,300 years,” she added. The name of the book, “Saffron Swords” denotes the tears of pride and glory of valorous resistance to foreign rule of sacrifice. The book is co-authored by Yogaditya Sinha Rawal, who focused on the military history of India.