Android-based console

Reports from the Wall Street Journal have revealed that Google is currently developing an Android-powered gaming console and smartwatch and it is believed that this is partly a pre-emptive measure intended to counter similar devices from Apple. Although there have so far only been suggestions that Apple might be entering the gaming market (these include patents for iOS gaming controllers and the uptick in Apple TV&’s profitability), such rumours seem far more substantial if Google also believes in them.
  Android-based gaming consoles have enjoyed great success over the past year with notable devices including the GameStick and Ouya. The latter, a £99 Kickstarter-funded console, was launched at the beginning of last week and managed to sell out through both Amazon US and UK stores, despite criticism for poor quality hardware.
Sources indicated that the company would be rebooting its Nexus Q device — a product described as “the first social streaming media player” but never released to the public.