No more running from shop to shop and haggling with the shopkeeper over a discount, ShopMate is here to revolutionize the way you shop! Based on a unique virtual market concept, the website ShopMate groups together individual demand for a product and creates live competition among the local sellers to bid for the customers’ business on a real time basis, thus enabling customers to receive bulk discounted prices.

The key to ShopMate’s business model is the concept of "Expression of Interest" (EOI), or the desire of a consumer to buy a product. ShopMate combines all such EOIs from different individuals, clubs them and invites local sellers to give offers for this pool of customers, resulting in a competition among them.

Sellers revise their offer price and come up with their lowest offer, based on the quantum of demand. For the buyer it’s an innovative way of comparing prices, picking the best offers and getting the product the very same day from a nearby seller.

Currently, ShopMate is offering its services in Delhi-NCR for mobile phones, tablets, bikes and scooters. To save an EOI just visit, search for a product and click on the EOI button to save one’s Interest. One can then track the price of this product.