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Remembering Bibhuti Bhusan

Statesman News Service |

An outstanding chronicler of nature and rural life, not to mention tales of the unseen, Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhaya was part of the literary trio who dominated the world of Bengali letters after the passing of Rabindranath Tagore. The other two of this triumvirate were Tarashankar Bandopadhaya and Manik Bandopadhaya. Bibhuti Bhusan and Tarashankar were great friends. And as a piece of friendly advice Tarashankar once asked his friend whether he could not find any focal theme except nature for his writings even after witnessing the World War II, The Great Bengal Famine and the Partition.

While Bibhuti Bhusan was at his wit&’s end at his friend&’s question, he was asked by Achintya Kumar Sengupta, no mean litterateur, to adhere to the theme he is comfortable with as it was the nose ring of the goddess of learning of Bengali literature. Bibhuti Bhusan had friends and admirers who were different from him as chalk is to cheese. One of them was Nirad C. Chowdhury, then really an unknown Indian and was readying himself to occupy greater heights of glory and controversy. Years later when Bibhuti Bhusan earned the fame he richly deserved but which eluded him all his life after Pather Panchali hit the screen. The rest is history. The 123rd birth anniversary of the author passed by recently.