I am in my mid-40s and would like to know how I can prevent under-eye concealer from creasing? Soma B, Patna

To prevent this you have to apply an outer eye cream around your eyes and then the concealer over this. At this age, the skin in this area starts to get dry and the wrinkles become more prominent. To apply both products, use the ball of your ring finger as it exerts the least pressure. Take a drop of the cream and dot or pat it around the eyes, starting from the inside and going over the top and then the bottom, coming back to where you started. Then take a touch of the concealer and pat it very lightly under the eye and then on the upper lid and even it all out.

I am 25 years old and have fair skin. I have been wearing glasses for many years but want to switch to contact lens. I use eye make-up and feel that this may cause eye inflammation. Please tell me what to do. Keya Kumar, Navi Mumbai

Here are some tips you have to follow while using eye make-up with contact lens on. First, put on your lens with clean hands. Then very gently apply your eye shadow and make sure you use hypoallergenic make-up. Avoid using any make-up with shimmer around your eyes. Wear waterproof eyeliner. When you use mascara, make sure it does not get into your eyes. Keep your eyes calm. Try to blink between applications as often as you can so as not to dry out your contact lens. Always wash your hands before you remove your lens — and then remove the make-up.

I am 30 years old and have always had good thick hair, slightly on the oily side. Now it is very dry and turning a reddish colour. What to do? Please advise. Srijita, Kolkata

This can be caused when the hair is not getting enough nourishment or it does not reach all the way down each hair sha­ft from the oil sac attached to the root of every one of them. Oil your hair once a week before shampoo, apply warm oil on your head and with fingertips massa­ge it gently into the scalp. Then wrap your head with a towel rinsed out in very hot water; repeat two to three times for about 20 minutes. After a shampoo, use a conditioner. A monthly hair spa is a must as it nourishes the hair and helps bring it back to its original condition. Make sure you have a healthy hair diet which sho­uld include fish, fresh fruits and green vegetables. Exercise at least four times a week because this helps the blood to circulate well and reach the base of the hair shaft.