Many are the tricks deployed by fraudsters to harass people. And they keep refining them, felt a colleague, narrating a horrifying experience by an acquaintance. 

This friend left her car at a parking lot near a local market in Gurgaon to go pick up some provisions. When she returned, a man was lying in front of the car. 

Presuming some poor man was taking a nap, the lady reversed her car and prepared to move out. Just then a bunch of young people, who were well-dressed and appearing to be from well-to-do homes, surrounded her car. 

Accusing the lady of having run over a sleeping man, one of the young girls, who spoke excellent English, attempted to snatch the car keys. 

The youngsters demanded money to take the "injured" man, who by then was sitting up, to the hospital. 

They began taking pictures of the car and the "scene of accident", threatening to call the police. 

At first shaken, the friend soon realised it was all set up and agreed to take the matter to the police. In the melee, the "injured" man disappeared into the crowd that had gathered. 

As the youngsters went into a huddle over what to do next, the friend quietly drove off. It soon emerged that this was a regular modus operandi for gangs of youngsters looking for easy money. 

And God forbid, our colleague stated, if some rash driver really did run over a poor person, a-la-Salman Khan.