The newest addition to the Toyota stable is the Liva. After driving the vehicle one would feel that the adage, all good things come in small packages, is justifiably true. It is a mid size car offering all the features of a big luxurious sedan and coming, as it does, in bright attractive colours, attention is guaranteed.

A whole new world awaits as one enters the vehicle because it has been designed in a way that passengers don’t feel in the least bit claustrophobic. There is sufficient head and elbow rooms and one can sit comfortably. Getting in and coming out of the vehicle is easily done in comparison with some premium vehicles where one has to, almost be a gymnast in order to do the same.

The electric power steering and adjustable driver&’s seat make long distance driving a pleasure. The air bags protect the driver and the front seat passenger in case of a head-on collision—a good one is a must if the vehicle has fast pick up.

The ventilated disc brake in the front wheel and drum brake in the rear one help to stop the car, the moment the brake pedal is depressed. Powerful headlamps have been installed that makes night driving a breeze. Thanks to a sensitive steering and reverse sensors, parking the vehicle on congested city streets is no big deal. The three spoke steering wheel helps the driver to take a better grip. The Liva has been provided a smart and macho exterior complete with alloy wheels and colourful bumpers. The vehicle can be driven with equal ease on highway as well as in the cities. A perfect centre of gravity maintains the balance of the vehicle and at sharp turns it does not show any sign of discomfort. 

Toyota was one of the early companies that came to India and set up its factory shortly after the economic liberalisation policy was introduced in 1991. The Qualis became extremely popular and taking cue from its success, the Innova was introduced. The Toyota Corolla is another brilliant vehicle. The Etios Liva was put in the market a few years ago and its onroad performance is remarkable to say the least. 

For those planning to buy a new vehicle, a test drive in the new Liva is an absolute must. It&’s power, elegance and superb performance—a hallmark of Toyota&’s engineering—will leave one suitably enthralled.