In this digital competitive age, where Central Board of Secondary Education aims for higher grades for its students, TCYonline has come to their rescue with an assessment solution being increasingly adopted by progressive schools. The company&’s offering known as Teacher Assistant programme for CBSE schools (Class VI to X, math and science) that has created a buzzword of sorts all over the country. It brings all the stakeholders in the education of a child-students, teachers, parents and principals – towards a common goal and gives customised suggestions for them. A test follows the completion of each module of a chapter at school.  Students know “where they stand” test after test. In this way they can benchmark themselves with similar students in his class, city, and state and throughout India. Parents know “where exactly to help”. They get actively involved as they know how their child is doing, know his improvement areas and feel empowered to help him.

On the other hand, teachers, for whom this teaching tool is made for, can “individualise learning”. They get in-depth analysis to know student&’s strengths/weaknesses, identify common misconceptions and arrange effective remedial classes. Principals get “real-time control” over academics. Before going the whole hog with the programme, the company had trial runs for about a year or so in Punjab and Delhi. Though some schools were initially somewhat skeptical because of lack of computer labs and two-half-hour slots per week availability, things began to brighten up once the schools fully understood the benefits.