Growing a few plants indoors are beneficial from all aspects. Besides energising a house by filtering air and increasing oxygen inflow, few plants are believed to attract benefits such as good luck, happiness, wealth and prosperity. Lucky bamboo, money plant and many more are renowned to bring abundance to the house. A few plants which can bring health, wealth and prosperity to the grower include:

Money plant: Known by many other names, such as silver vine, ivy arum, devil’s ivy etc., money plant attracts wealth, prosperity and good luck. If you place it in front of a sharp corner of your house, it is believed to reduce anxiety and stress. It also helps avoid arguments and sleeping disorders.

Lucky bamboo: Bamboo plant is a symbol of good luck. It is a beautiful and attractive house plant that is considered auspicious and kept in house to bring positivity. It is believed that when this plant is placed in the East, all family members will be bestowed with good health. Number of stalks confers different blessings.

Potted orchids: Potted orchids are the birth flower of those born under the sun sign of Aquarius, and represents loyalty. The plant symbolises fertility, refinement, thoughtfulness and innocence. This beautiful plant conveys positive messages and represents beauty in symmetry. No wonder, this plant is a symbol of luxury, wealth, joy, happiness and new beginnings.

Basil: Basil is popularly known as a medicinal herb. In addition, it is also believed to bring good luck, wealth, prosperity and love if grown in home. It is also said to bring financial gains with very little effort. The plant symbolises success, prosperity, protection, peace, happiness, tranquillity, purification and of course love.

Palms: These plants with their large distinct leaves beautify homes and act as nice showpieces. These are known to bring wealth and peace of mind to everyone in the house. Palms add a natural charisma to any place they are grown