Nritya Malancha, a dance institution affiliated to the Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad, and Sarbabharatiya Sangeet-O Sanskriti Parishad, Kolkata, organized its ‘Annual Cultural Programme’ in the Dinabandhu Mancha in Siliguri on 2 June.

The three-day-long programme was presided over by the Principal of ‘Nritya Malancha,’ Sangita Chaki, while the inauguration ceremony was attended by tourism minister Gautam Deb; Dr Om Prakash Bharti of the Department of performing arts (Theatre and Film); Jagdish Roy, the Information and cultural development officer, among other guests.

Since its inception on 30 October 1984, ‘Nritya Malancha’ has been organising the annual programme every year, replete with the rich cultural heritage of classical dance and music of all generations. This was the 34th year of ‘Nritya Malancha’ and the programme was named ‘Gati2019’.

The events for the final day-long programme included Indian classical dance in all forms. While the guests gave away the prizes, they also spoke about how important the need for such programme are, events that lay stress on or highlight the rich Indian heritage dance forms.

The programme was also attended by some eminent personalities in the Indian classical dance and music scene, including Dr Janaki Rangarajan (Dance formBharatnatyam), Anita Mallick (Dance form- Bharatnatyam), Molly Roy (Dance form Mohiniyattam), Ayan Mukherjee-Satabdi Acharjee (Dance form-Gourio), Deepak Gangani-Richa Joshi (Dance formKathak), Dr Pompi Paul (Dance form- Oddisi), Santanu Chakraborty (Dance form Bharatnatyam), Sandip Mallick (Dance form- Kathak), Pradip Mallick (Vocal), Sandeep Neogi (Sitar), Subir Thakur (Tabla), and Subir Adhikari (Tabla).

Since the age of 4, Dr Rangarajan, a Bharatnatyam dancer from Chennai, who represents the future of the ancient art form, has been passionate about communicating through dance. Her unique dance style is a sincere result of her undying passion, selfmotivation and dedication towards Bharatanatyam.

“This is my first time in this part of West Bengal. People are very humble here,” Dr Rangarajan said. Sangita Chaki, the principal of the institution, said that it was a group effort. “I alone would not have been able to do the entire thing. My students Sombrata Kundu, Prerona Sinha, Hrittika Guha, Ritam Das, Subham Ghosh, Tania Dey Biswas, they all were there as my support all the time. We always try to arrange such programmes in an effort to keep our heritage dance forms going strong,” Ms Chaki said.