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Mixed emotions

Statesman News Service |

A  clichéd exhibition of little comfort
A GROUP of 16 artists of the Hoogly Chinsurah Art Forum are showcasing an exhibition of paintings and sculpture at the Central Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts. While some of the paintings are ordinary, most are below average and juts one or two worth the mention. There&’s no work on display that one could tag as “new” or “unseen”. Of course, one can’t really call them repetitions in the literal sense (which is quite common these days) but most of the exhibits — done in acrylic, watercolour, ink on paper and mixed media – are very clichéd and boring.
   Suvendu Ghosh&’s ink on paper is something one must have come across more than twice in the Academy&’s gallery. He needs to break free from the stereotype Madhubani pattern on ink and pen element.
   Amlan Dutta&’s black-and-white Landscape in watercolour on paper is worth appreciation and Tapan Pal&’s Allenation, which is mixed media on canvas, is bright and colourful. Jiban Burman&’s Digha series in watercolour is another appreciable sight.
   As for the sculpture… The least said the better.
The exhibition is on till 26 June