Movie: Ghanchakkar Director: Rajkumar Gupta Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Namit Das
AFTER a pretty long pause since The Dirty Picture, Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan get together in a bland, loosely-woven plot – quite in contrast to their previous venture. The inattentive, talkative audience was evidence of what was a fairly unappealing storyline that only served to spark interest at the fag end.
Hashmi (Sanju Athrey) plays an expert safecracker with a touch of amnesia. For obvious reasons, he agrees to rob a bank after submitting to his wife&’s (Neetu, played by Vidya Balan) greed. After joining hands with two criminals, who, by the looks of it, weren’t even threatening enough, Athrey pulls off the heist after which his forgetfulness becomes a menace for everyone.
Regrettably, in an effort to bring out the Punjabi essence, Balan sounds more like a wannabe kudi. The dialogues progress from bad to worse throughout in what has been touted as a comic-thriller. Crass rubbish like Jab chota chetan ho saath toh bade bade kuch nahi puchte, bank lootne ki baat ho rahi hai bagiche se aam todne ki nahi and Mere jaisa aadmi bank main tab dikhta hai jab bank loota jaa raha ho fail to crack a smile.
In places where the venture takes you through lighthearted banter among characters, you might have to force yourself to even smile. Which is not to disregard a few scenes that provoke you to laugh – but that would depend on your sense of humour.
It wouldn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to find blunders in most parts of the movie. For instance, there&’s a scene where Hashmi can’t remember whatever, claiming to have forgotten everything, but he recalls the name of his doctor. How fey it that!
For most of the time, you’re left waiting for the “thrill” to arrive and by the time it does – in the last half hour – you’re just too numb in the posterior to bother. Ghanchakkar translated into English means “crazy”, but the script is plain stupid. Difference, yes? There really is nothing new in the humour and this movie hardly makes for a even one-time watch. Keeping in mind Aamir and No One Killed Jessica, Rajkumar Gupta was expected to come up with a more sensible and concise creation.

prabhjeet singh sethi