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Statesman News Service |

AARKRITI Art Gallery is currently holding an exhibition of Dipak Kundu&’s array of paintings on tales of love, life, divinity and death. A closer look would inform one of a borrowing from Eros and Thanatos, theorised by Sigmund Freud at the beginning of the 20th century who tried creating the same essence and whose work is surely intriguing – a face-to-face interaction with the human instinct of life, love and sexuality on one hand and death and aggression on the other.
The combination of the two as a reflection of each other makes Kundu&’s acrylic works “a breeding space of the human psyche exploring the dichotomy of male-female relationship in its different dimensions”. The figurative and semi-figurative elements form an imagery and are inter-related, one image standing “as the reflection of the other in a symbolic way”. The artist uses his skill, knowledge and wisdom to portray the social construct of the “Yin and Yang concept”, transcending the limitations bound by the societal code of conduct. He rather elevates the human erotic urge to the plane of “divine union”, where the broader message expressed is of the mystification of “true love” bound by no worldly or materialistic forms.
Tales from Indian mythology, epics and folklore acquire the basis of dealing with the narrative that eventually is built up in Kundu&’s tales. The indigenous aspect of his paintings, both in content and in treatment, make them more identical to the audience as well as more apt of their times.
Kundu is a professional painter who has postgraduated in fine arts from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, and has showcased his works across India and abroad.
The exhibition is on till 27 July