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In wonderland

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A common notion given credence to is that dreams make a man. They are indestructible and all-powerful. They are our clandestine promises, cascading down the wall of reality. But when dreams fail to turn into reality, we feel that awful surge of despair running down our spine. Boredom on a Sunday morning seemed unavoidable. I stared out of the window as the sky turned gray and the rains came pelting down and gifted me with even more emptiness and gloom. Out of weariness, I inspected my room and discovered a hole in the wall, big enough for a chubby man to squeeze in. As I drew closer; I sensed that irresistible urge to discover what was in there. 

Then, a second thought hit me, "What if I get stuck?" Disregarding the worst, I sneaked in and what I saw mesmerized me. My hands trembled with joy as my mind whirled.

The world that stretched before me was a chocolate wonderland, with creeks of molten white chocolates and trees of soft sugary candies.  I dreamed of being invincible in that world but just then, the elongated tube light shone over my drowsy drooping eyelids and woke me up with an ache. That pain brought me back yet again to nasty reality.  I do not belief that dreams are myths. Whether as nightmares or reveries, dreams make living possible because it gives that everlasting hope that life can indeed be as beautiful as we dream it to be. 

(Coordinator, Class XII, St. Teresa’s Secondary School, Khidderpore)