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Imagining Krishna


 The world of art has quite often seen self-taught prodigies rising to great heights. There have been others whose talents were drowned by their professional commitments. Snehasish Bhattacharya can claim the achievement of remaining faithful to an early painting for painting even after completing his masters in Business Administration, ventuiring into IT and finally settling for the excitement of designing textiles and creating new ideas in male fashions. But it was the coincidence of Janmashtami and the platform provided to him by Stadel that helped him display his series of paintings on images of Krishna.

Obviously he allowed his imagination to run its full course and that is the main reason why visitors on the opening day of the show last week were delighted with the results. An artist who has established his credentials as a costume designer should arouse some curiosity. The fact remains that his interest in art hasn’t faded after all these years of costume designing for films like Rituparno Ghosh&’s Utsav and Pradeep Sarkar&’s Parineeta. and for well-known performers like Prasenjit Chatterjee, Amjad Ali Khan, Sunil Gavaskar and many others. The exhibition captured myriad images of Krishna and confirmed that there was plenty of visual art to be developed in his fertile imagination