She&’s been in news of late for more than one reason, with the media keeping a close watch on her after she made public her affair with cricketer Virat Kohli. But there are other reasons that have kept Anushka Sharma in the news.


How have you been?

I am great. In fact, I am on a high. It&’s really a very busy time for me. I’m aggressively promoting my film and I am hardly getting any time. The film releases in another few days and a lot of things need to be done. But I am really excited before its release.

It seems to be great time for you, indeed, with you last film breaking all records.

Yes, the last few months, in fact the last year has been really good for me. PK is a film that I will always be proud of. It was great to work with some of the best people in the industry. I really hope this year also proves to be equally good for me.

You are been constantly followed by the media since you made public your relationship with Virat Kohli…

Yes, that&’s the job of the media. I didn’t ask them to follow me. I don’t think there&’s any harm in this. Everyone has a personal life but I would like to keep a few things very personal and the media, too, should respect my privacy. We both are busy with our individual work because our focus is on our career. Right now my entire focus is on NH 10. It&’s a great film and I am quite hopeful about it.

Why did you decide to turn producer? Isn’t it a bit too early?

I don’t know if it is early. I listen to what my heart says. I liked the script and thought of producing it. It has a very interesting storyline that is sure to keep the audience engaged.

So, it was the script that attracted you?

Of course it was the script that came to me and I was bowled over by it. It has a very gripping storyline and is a very fast paced film. Moreover, the film was going to be directed by Navdeep Singh, who had earlier directed the critically acclaimed Manorama Six Feet Under.

Tell us about your role?

(Laughs.) I would rather tell you more about the story. The film&’s not about one particular character but about a road trip. It&’s about a couple that sets out on a trip on NH 10 and then suddenly something goes wrong and then it is to be seen what happens. It&’s not like other road films but has elements of romance, thrill and suspense.

The film has been given an A certificate. Don’t you feel that will actually hamper the business?

I don’t think that will affect the business. It is a very mature film and the audience needs to have a certainly level of maturity to understand that. Every film finds its own audience and a certificate doesn’t matter. If the story is good the film is bound to do well and nothing can stop it. It&’s the content of a film that matters and I think Navdeep Singh has done a great job and has told the story in a very smart and stylised fashion.

You could have gone for a big star. Instead, you decided to cast Neel Bhoopalam.

Neel is one of the best actors today. It&’s not about a big or a small star. The film required a good actor and Neel has proved he is really a great actor with this film.

The film also has a lot of action scenes and you too have done a lot of action.

Yes, and that was one of the most difficult things about shooting for this film. The action is not over the top. It&’s raw action and required a lot of preparations, as we had to shoot in rough terrains, which included jungles, rocky and sandy areas. I prepared myself for a couple of months before I started shooting as I knew that it would require a lot of stamina.

So are you enjoying being a producer?

Of course, I am enjoying it. It&’s a new experience and new territory for me. However, I am an actor first and acting remains my priority. I wanted to produce this film because I liked the idea, story and got a chance to work with a set of very talented and honest people.

Will you be producing more films?

I will be but I want to go slow. As I said, acting remains my priority and I will produce films as and when I come across good scripts.