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Great teachers ignite curiosity

Statesman News Service |

What distinguishes a great teacher from a good teacher?  First, a good teacher focuses on the dissemination of knowledge, whereas great teachers ignite the curiosity of the learner.  

Even if they know more than the student, they break the monotonous lectures and keep on opening their boxes of curiosity to ignite and reignite their students’ passion in learning and acquiring knowledge. They will be careful to ensure that every next step is within the reach of the student and knows when to hold hands and when to let go.

A great teacher takes great care to stay away from spoon-feeding.  They will give the learner a lot of carefully-researched and personalised work after every classroom session is over. Being great learners themselves great teachers spend hours researching or quenching that thirst for knowledge whatever has been touched upon in the session.

Coming to the second thing, a good teacher tries to see all his students as equal whereas a great teacher will always try to tailor his or her intervention differently for each student. 

They know that one size does not fit all because in a classroom setting you have weak students, mediocre students and bright students. He or she will be sharp enough to know what their current level is and what should they do next to progress through their learning.  

So, a teacher will see what and how much time is to be given to which student. But he or she will make sure that all the students are take up the challenge to compete. Even if one of the students remains under-challenged, it means he or she has not done justice to their career. Great teachers will not blame dismal pupil-teacher ratios but would rather embrace technology and do what is best for the students. 

The third thing is many teachers are not adept with technology or tools which are required to get the best out the student.  

The fourth thing is that great teachers keep themselves challenged all the time, and hence keep their audience (students) challenged all the time.

We have come across many great teachers during our experience with assessment tests.  They know the power of assessments, feedback and remedial action and how this cycle can work wonders on the progress of their students. We feel honoured to have the opportunity to help them.

Kamal Wadhera, CEO of TCYonline, an Edtech Company