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The fruits of mindfulness

Grand Master Akshar has been a major contributor in spreading yoga to the world.

Radhika Sharma | New Delhi |

Yoga provides a spiritual contact with one’s inner self and replenishes the body and soul. Being a yoga master, spiritual guide, lifestyle coach and Yoga entrepreneur, Grand Master Akshar has had several experiences in the field.

With the headquarters of his centre Akshar Yoga in Bangalore, it has 20 academies in the country with sister schools in Iran and France and plans for further expansion. Through courses and international events, he has brought in a manner of change and discipline into many lives.

Grand Master Akshar was blessed with a birth in the abode of spirituality, the Himalayas. From the age of seven, he was mystified by the world around and the world that eludes our sight.

With the guidance of his benevolent masters, he was able to forge a path for himself and stay true to his inner calling to help people with their journeys of yoga and spirituality. It brought clarity and purpose to his existence.

He says, since this self-discovery, the journey of his life has been a blessing. On being asked about how students could fit yoga and spirituality in their hectic daily routine and increase their focus, he emphasised that to see what lies beneath the surface of water, the water itself must remain still.

The ripples over the water’s surface which do not allow our vision to penetrate are much like the many challenges, issues and obstacles we face on a regular basis. A yogic and spiritual perspective obtained through training, will help young minds get that clarity and the power of calmness.

To dedicate some time to oneself every day is the first step on this path. One should focus on physical and mental growth through the practice of yoga. It would lay the groundwork for a spiritual setting, simultaneously helping the child with their academics and relationships with family and friends.

Having worked with many renowned figures like Sushmita Sen, legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar and wrestling champions Geeta and Babita Phogat, Grand Master Akshar has transformed their lifestyle and routine.

He says, “It is always a pleasure to share the gift and knowledge of Yoga with a fellow human being. We believe that no part of our existence is mere coincidence and everything happens with a deeper purpose and meaning. We have all connected because of this divine art and remain so to this day. The purpose is to take the many teachings of yoga and give back to society to the best of their abilities.”

According to Grand Master Akshar, the major do’s while practicing a healthy lifestyle are led by always practicing strict discipline, set either by oneself or a mentor. This teaches one the value of many things that they may take for granted.

It also ensures perfection in all the activities they perform. One should also stay committed and remember one’s own self-worth and value. Remaining health-focused is another important trait.

Only a healthy body and sound mind will allow the opportunity for the spirit to expand. One should pay attention to their body and give it the best sustenance it requires in terms of physical fitness as well as nourishment.

Regular medical checks are significant. One should always keep themselves up to date with their body’s condition through regular visits to the doctor. One should ensure that they have accurate information on their mind and body functionality so that they may know how to alter their lifestyle, if necessary.

The don’ts, on the other hand, are dominated by refraining from adopting any fitness trends or diets. One should follow a holistic ritual that can be sustained by their mind and body for a long period of time, resulting in a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle fads in terms of workouts or diets may sometimes do more harm to the body than good. One should take their time to develop a healthy way of life, which is far more fulfilling.

In terms of the practices of mindfulness that can help students build stronger relationships and improve their behaviour, Grand Master Akshar says, “Mindfulness is the process or technique of living in the present — where one’s mind, body and spirit all connect and focus on the same point. When students are mindful of their present, they take more responsibility towards their actions and behaviour. It increases value for human relationships and their surrounding environment. The culminating result is a well-balanced individual with a calm demeanour who readily and easily adapts to all conditions and walks of life.” Talking about his upcoming plans of interacting with students.

Grand Master Akshar says, “We are planning various Yogic retreats and spiritual camps with participants from all over the globe. We also involve themselves with various universities and schools to reach out to the student community and build a taste in them for yoga and spirituality. They organise speeches, practice sessions and camps so that young children may also reap the fruit of this divine art and help them build a harmonious and fulfilling future.”