Q I come from a family where almost everyone has some type of eye problem. We are told this is genetic but can be prevented to some amount by taking care of them. I am 23 years of age and want to start taking care of them from now. Please advice.

S Sheikh, Kolkata

Here are a few tips for you. Flush your eyes with clean water at least three times a day — dab dry with a clean towel. Do not share your towel with anyone else. Always wear dark glasses when you are out and goggles when you swim. If you are a working person and do a lot of paper work, rest your eyes once every hour. Cup your hands and press them over your eyes to shut out all light. Do this for three to four minutes. Then look up at some distant point and hold it like that for a few minutes. This helps to prevent eye strain.

Q My problem is my feet. They sweat a lot and smell. It is very embarrassing. But I am a working woman sitting at the front desk and feel the need to wear closed shoes to look well dressed. Please tell me what I should do about this problem?

Ayantika, Delhi

In order to look smart you do not necessarily have to wear closed shoes. Open sandals or shoes are available today and look very smart when worn with the right clothes. If you have to wear closed shoes, apply talcum powder on your toes and feet before slipping into them. Try not to wear the same pair of shoes for many days at a time, Keep changing them and allow the worn ones to dry out well. Bathe twice a day and pay attention to your feet. Soak them in warm water in which a little shampoo has been added. Then rinse them well and dab dry. At bed time apply a cream or moisturiser and rub it well so the bed linen will not get soiled.

Q I have just started to wear contact lens and am happy because I look so much nicer without my specs on. But I also wear eye makeup and am confused whether I should remove the makeup first or the lens. Please inform me.

Laly, Kolkata

First remove your lens and then the eye makeup. But most important is to remember to wash your hands before removing your lenses.