There is no shortage of remarkable ideas. What’s missing is who executes them, was rightly said by Seth Godin. Our past has witnessed the development of digital age, our present is living the transformation and our future will be to live in a completely different era of technology to which will compel us to transform the way we work, lead, think and execute. 

We are living in the times when email replaced letters and postcards, smartphones have completely taken over the business of camera, calculator, and wrist watches. 

Our communication travels faster than us. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many have transformed our lives where we can be absolute vulnerable and exposed to the mass and class.

Furthermore with instruments and applications like Skype, Whatsapp, Google maps, online portals have transformed the way we communicate, travel and shop. Now with Watson introduced by IBM, it is like a personal virtual private assistant. 

The most important person in organisations has shifted from being chief finance officer to the chief information officer. In today’s digital age it feels normal to sit in your cabin and witness all premises over the big screens in front of you and graphs flowing with images to give clear picture of organisation on real time basis. The world has not stopped and as said that the digital age has just begun. 

The need of constant update with surroundings and development in the digital age is the need of the hour. Developing trust and bonding with the peers is required today than ever before. The challenge to be addressed is that we are talking to machines more than among ourselves.

To cope up with the speed of change we need to manage our time, resources in the most efficient manner. Creating the culture of adaptability to new ideas and technology will not only help to know the developments around us but also make us leap ahead of competition. 

The development in the present defines that the need of a good value system is required more than ever. Gone are the days when communication can be barred between individuals. 

As a leader in organisations, in society, we need to promote the use of digital means but on the same side determine the true essence of right value system. The very human who is made to feel, touch and love and respect should not be taken over by digital means. 

As an example the skill of right communication, effective presentation and use of appropriate images to make our true values visible has become a significant aspect. Because of technology we are virtually visible to anyone anytime at a touch of a keypad. 

The writer is Member- Entrepreneurs' Organisation, Uttar Pradesh.