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Come September


Come September and it’s time for a number of anniversaries, including the film of that name starring Audrey Hepburn and Rock Hudson, the first hi-fi Aids victim, that still remains a classic. 

The date 7 September also marks the death (by hanging) of the great revolutionary Bhagat Singh, just 23 then, which got him the sobriquet of Shaheed-e-Azam. On that day 50 years later, in 1981, also died Bishan Kapoor, a fearless journalist and for many years, Lucknow bureau cheif of Blitz Magazine who, according to his late mother, was born on Karva Chauth in 1924. 

Kapoor became a Communist Party card-holder as a student leader, who braved brickbats, while standing on his college wall, from Toady protesters during the freedom struggle. Later he took to journalism and, along with one’s father, propounded the theory of "Six Graves of the Taj" (meaning that besides the two in view there were two other mud ones hidden below at the Yamuna level). 

Maintaining the tradition, his sons are journalists too, one in Lucknow and the other here in Gautam Nagar, who brings out a monthly magazine, after giving up the editorship of Delhi Mid-Day. As for September anniversaries, one more is due to fall on the 19th, when the British recaptured Delhi after the revolt of 1857.