When Dipesh Kumar Mondal took the Hippocratic oath, little did he know a considerable part of his working hours will be devoted to a foundation aimed at raising the consciousness about brain strokes as well as medicating it. An alumni of Calcutta Medical College and Hospital, Dr Mondal have seen many a near and dear one struck down by this fell disease.

Small wonder, when he set up Stroke Foundation, the good doctor felt that prevention is a better option than curing this disease which have cut short the career of many men and women. Perusing the case histories of these individuals, the former head of the department of neurology, CMCH stumbled upon the irregular life style of the patients. His clinical acumen and penchant for quick remedial medication saw, Dr Mondal charting out a six stage curriculum to prevent this dreaded disease. These include raising consciousness about the disease, expediting the medication process, making the people aware of benefits of regular life to name a few. At the back of his mind, this crusader against brain stroke has a proposal to the new government to formulate a policy about this disease. More power to his elbow.