Best of both worlds
Manipal University has announced admissions to its International Engineering Twinning programme, also known as the International Centre for Applied Sciences, where students do their first and second year of engineering in the university&’s campus and then pursue their third and fourth year in one of 74 universities across the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and France, where they receive their degree.
   During the first two years, they are trained to meet eligibility requirements through an international curriculum and gain a cultural understanding of the destination country. On completion, they are transferred abroad to universities of their choice through a smooth credit transfer system. Upon graduation, they are awarded an engineering degree from the foreign university and are provided with placement opportunities.
   In France and Germany, the course offered is an integrated Bachelor&’s and Master&’s programme where a student would be awarded a Bachelor&’s degree in Manipal and a Master&’s degree in Germany/France. The University of Massachusetts, Ohio State University, University of Minnesota twin cities, Purdue University, University of Illinois Urbana Champagne, Illinois Institute of Technology are some of the premier institutions where students of the Icas have graduated from in the past.    Course curriculum, methodology and evaluation are based on the US university structure/pattern and are compatible with most of the US, Australian and European universities.
   Equal opportunities are provided in terms of placements and internships for all. On completion of the course, the world&’s largest multinational companies, like BMW, SAP, Microsoft, Volvo, Nokia, Shell and Southwest Airlines also hire some of them. In the past, average annual salary packages ranged from $55,000-$85,000 per annum.
   Students can choose from more than 16 engineering branches and they are also allowed the flexibility in choosing or changing the branch or major area of specialisation after entering the programme at an international university.
   To apply online, visit or email [email protected]  The last date for application is 31 July 2013.

Novel farming

Very recently, Lovely Professional University initiated a project to counter conventional farming based on harmful chemical fertilisers and toxic pesticides’ usage for students to learn healthy, sustainable organic farming practices at its campus.
   Hundreds of its BSc agriculture students are out in fields along with teachers where they are learning how can one increase long-term yield, nutrient value and potency of crops, season by season, along with different crop-growing procedures. The university has also launched a BTech agricultural engineering programme from this year.
   So far students have planted organic yields of spinach, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, radish, carrots and organic wheat that are also bought by local consumers from the university. Now they are gearing up to expand product offerings and are making a presence in global markets as well with exotic vegetables and fruits grown mainly for export to European countries.
   LPU vice chancellor Ramesh Kanwar said, “The students of the Agriculture Department have developed a great interest in novel farming. In this context, the university is giving them great exposure by inviting experts from the renowned universities of the USA, Pakistan and other countries. Proper organic agricultural practices require expert training and supervision
for sustainable procurement methods which shall help in preserving rare and endangered wild plant species and the earth&’s natural biodiversity,”