Uruguay has become a favourable destination for higher education for those want to study abroad
ROLLING your eyes over the South American map — where Brazil and Argentina grab the maximum share of land – you might have to strain your eyes to locate Uruguay, which is located on the southeastern coast of the continent. It won its independence in 1825 and is home to many people of European descent. In the last two years, this country has been in the news for becoming an educational hot spot for most overseas students. In the past century, Uruguay has emerged as a prominent entity in the field of tourism, commerce and education.
   There are reasons enough for Uruguay to have become one of the attractive hubs for higher studies. Talking about urbanisation, it has overtaken most countries in the continent as 80 per cent of its population lives in metropolitan cities. However, it does have a dense population if you take into account the number of overseas students within its boundaries.
   The chief reasons that attract overseas students to this country are low crime rates and a lower cost of education. Moreover, locals are pretty amiable and treat overseas people with ample warmth and respect.
   Here are a few universities that might interest Indian students:

University of Montevideo: As the name suggests, it is located in Montevideo and was founded in 1986. After almost 12 years, it achieved the right to name itself in 1997. Having a wide array of courses on offer — from accounting to information technology — this university is strictly committed to achieving academic excellence, research, social responsibility and technological innovation. Ever since its inception, this university has maintained close ties with industrial and public sector organisations.

– University of the Republic: Being a public university, it qualifies as one of Uruguay&’s important and largest universities. Founded long back in 1849 in Montevideo, it has many schools and institutes under itself. Being a unique university in Uruguay, it has courses in agronomy and veterinary medicine as well.
   Quite a few notable Uruguayan personalities have passed out from this university.

-ORT Uruguay: Founded in the late ’90s, this is the largest private university in the country and a proud member of World Ort, an international educational network set up by the Jewish community. The courses in this university range from administration and social sciences to engineering.
   Given the momentum Uruguay has picked up in recent years and the quality of universities it is home to, you never know — it might well give the best educational hubs around the world a run for their money.